The Bar Stool Preachers - Bar Stool Preacher


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Oi you! Don't watch that, watch this! This is the heavy heavy Preacher sound, the nuttiest sound around...!

Prepare your ears for the second ever single by The Bar Stool Preachers. Comment, share, get in touch... We want to hear from all of you! If you like what you hear, TELL US!

Check out the facebook and website for all gig info and more singles, good times and merch from the band:

Our love and beer goes out to:
*Will Murray - The Bar Stool Preacher
*Dave Thomas - The video genius, (who has put up with our incessant annoying perfectionism), without whom this wouldn't have been possible.
*Everyone that Will assaulted on our quest.

(*And Madness, for that shameless direct piece of theft)

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