Sex Slave


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Just another check on your long love list,
Being with him is something you wouldn't have missed.
The whole affair only had one twist,
That's when you parted with an insincere kiss.

All of her friends learned the very next night,
How he wanted to do it underneath a black light.
And you were game; didn't put up a fight,
For a couple of hours he was your armor-clad knight.

But we think that your a goddamn fool.
And we're gonna spit right on your grave.
You're nothing more than a damn sex tool.
You're nothing more than a goddamn sex slave.

You bought her some beer to try and get her real loose,
You wanted to have someone light your fuse.
She didn't know she was tying her own noose,
But it was too late now to call a truce.

Soon you were all done,
You were through with her and had had your fun.
Kicked her out into the morning sun,
And caught up on your sleep until half past one.

Well we think you're a goddamn dick.
And we're gonna laugh when you find,
A burning sensation in your prick.
The only "thank you" she left behind.

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