Dag Nasty: Under Your Influence


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Band: Dag Nasty
Album: Can I Say (1986)
Song: Under Your Influence

So, I never intended to upload this song, since there were already solid live videos of the song available, but none of them had Dave Smalley, whom I feel performed the song best. Plus, this is basically *the* Dag Nasty song, so I felt this really ought to be here. I really encourage people who enjoy the songs I upload to look into purchasing their respective albums if they have the means. Support what you like! At any rate, I intend for this to be my last Dag Nasty upload, so enjoy!

Lyrics From www.daghouse.com:

It's hard to hold
when the world is spinning
learned nothing from the night before
or the weeks before that
under your influence - right goes wrong
under your influence - crossed my mind
under your influence - right goes wrong
under your influence - you crossed my mind for the last time
twelve ounces of courage
makes the world look better
you love the attention
you never had it before
no safety comes from your numbers
nothing said or gained
shirking responsibility
true freedom from what?
from what?

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